mercredi 20 novembre 2013

The Story Of Xid : Now on Desura !


Today, I’m happy to announce the game will be officially out the 27th November! You can get the full version for the price of 1.99€ / 2.49$.

The Story Of Xid

I highly recommend to download the demo first. If you run the demo fine, then no problem you will run the final version. Otherwise, please send me a message to precise your problem before buy the game if you want it.

In this first version of the game, you’ll find 70 levels. The next levels (because yes, of course, there will be more than 70 levels) are going to be available in a free update for whoever bought the game.

Don’t forget that you can find info about the game on the devblog and on Twitter on the account @odhexan.

A first preview of the next update

I want to thanks CaptainCreepy for his musical compositions. You can hear three of his music on the official trailer of the game. Here is some links where you can find more compositions of his own:

I hope you’ll love the game, and see you soon for more news !

- Odhexan (

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