dimanche 29 décembre 2013

The Story Of Xid : Advancement of December


What I'm doing now

I'm correcting for the moment major bugs:
  • You couldn't pass first level for some people. I removed temporary the fade between levels, it'll be back!
  • The save system isn't working. A patch is currently pending for approval, and will be available soon. Sorry for inconvenience. But keep your saves, there are not corrupted!
I received some bug reports, I will correct them as soon as possible.Moreover, the Android version is working well. I make my possible to release it as soon as possible. But it takes a lots of time and I have to remake all levels' physic because of Android limitations. Here is a picture (don't pay attention to the story text, it is not the good text for the level) :


Don't worry, the next chapter is under development.

The Story

I'm not very satisfied of the current story. I find it is not really well written. That's why the story is currently in a complete rewriting. I hope you'll love it! And I don't hide this music really inspires me: 


A Facebook page for the game has been created! You'll find on it some little infos about the game I want you to know. These posts are the same on my twitter account.

I had just one question about the future of the game's story, here. Oh, and you can find the game on IndieGameStand

 - Odhexan

dimanche 8 décembre 2013

The Story Of Xid : The Music

Hi everyone ! First, you have to know that I am currently working on the next part of the game. I'm creating new levels, and thinking of new gameplay elements ! Now, I want to talk about the game music. I have a friend who's composing music: CaptainCreepy. For the moment, I choose five music of two of his albums. Here there are :

It gives you an idea of the ambiance of the game on the next part. I think he will create the music for the rest of the game. You can find more infos about him on SoundCloud and Facebook. His albums are free to download! To conclude, you have to know that I won't make too much new levels for now, I have to complete Android adaptation. Hope you'll love his music, the future music of the game. See you soon for some news ! 

- Odhexan (odhexan@outlook.com)