dimanche 29 décembre 2013

The Story Of Xid : Advancement of December


What I'm doing now

I'm correcting for the moment major bugs:
  • You couldn't pass first level for some people. I removed temporary the fade between levels, it'll be back!
  • The save system isn't working. A patch is currently pending for approval, and will be available soon. Sorry for inconvenience. But keep your saves, there are not corrupted!
I received some bug reports, I will correct them as soon as possible.Moreover, the Android version is working well. I make my possible to release it as soon as possible. But it takes a lots of time and I have to remake all levels' physic because of Android limitations. Here is a picture (don't pay attention to the story text, it is not the good text for the level) :


Don't worry, the next chapter is under development.

The Story

I'm not very satisfied of the current story. I find it is not really well written. That's why the story is currently in a complete rewriting. I hope you'll love it! And I don't hide this music really inspires me: 


A Facebook page for the game has been created! You'll find on it some little infos about the game I want you to know. These posts are the same on my twitter account.

I had just one question about the future of the game's story, here. Oh, and you can find the game on IndieGameStand

 - Odhexan

dimanche 8 décembre 2013

The Story Of Xid : The Music

Hi everyone ! First, you have to know that I am currently working on the next part of the game. I'm creating new levels, and thinking of new gameplay elements ! Now, I want to talk about the game music. I have a friend who's composing music: CaptainCreepy. For the moment, I choose five music of two of his albums. Here there are :

It gives you an idea of the ambiance of the game on the next part. I think he will create the music for the rest of the game. You can find more infos about him on SoundCloud and Facebook. His albums are free to download! To conclude, you have to know that I won't make too much new levels for now, I have to complete Android adaptation. Hope you'll love his music, the future music of the game. See you soon for some news ! 

- Odhexan (odhexan@outlook.com)

mercredi 20 novembre 2013

The Story Of Xid : Now on Desura !


Today, I’m happy to announce the game will be officially out the 27th November! You can get the full version for the price of 1.99€ / 2.49$.

The Story Of Xid

I highly recommend to download the demo first. If you run the demo fine, then no problem you will run the final version. Otherwise, please send me a message to precise your problem before buy the game if you want it.

In this first version of the game, you’ll find 70 levels. The next levels (because yes, of course, there will be more than 70 levels) are going to be available in a free update for whoever bought the game.

Don’t forget that you can find info about the game on the devblog and on Twitter on the account @odhexan.

A first preview of the next update

I want to thanks CaptainCreepy for his musical compositions. You can hear three of his music on the official trailer of the game. Here is some links where you can find more compositions of his own:

I hope you’ll love the game, and see you soon for more news !

- Odhexan (odhexan@outlook.com)

samedi 19 octobre 2013

Developer Update #13 : Change log, soon on Desura...

Hello !

More than work on new levels or new features, I decided to fix some bugs and make improvements on existing levels. Here is the change-log :
  • You can't be bocked on walls anymore
  • Reworked all levels because of "in-wall detection" algorithm
  • Added automatic saves to prevent application crash
  • Orbs are now essential to go to the next level
  • When you die (because of a saw, or you fall down of the map), you'll have to take all the orbs again
  • You can choose the resolution of the game in the main menu
  • Finished the story line for the 70 first levels (and correct it)
  • Remove a button in the main menu
  • The text is rescaled according to the chosen resolution
  • Improved the main menu's picture
  • 9 different saves
  • Removed the debug texts
  • Added some translations to the game for the whole story
  • The game title on menu depends of the translation of the game
  • Removed lasts debug features
Main Menu

The game on Desura ?

Of course I plan to release the game on Desura. Because make between 150 and 200 levels would delay the release of the game, I will proceed like this :
  1. Release the game with the 70 first levels
  2. And release for free the lasts levels.
The game will be paying, but won't be at a prohibitive price. It will be around 1 or 2$. Updates are going to be completely free for whoever bought the game (and no in-app purchase).

5 different resolutions are available

What is planned now ?

First, correct the lasts bug before the official release. And after, here is some tasks it would be nice a finish quickly :
  • Let the music play when clicking on "Continue" button on the main menu
  • Add a pause menu
  • Control the main menu with keyboard
  • Add a "cinematic mode"
  • Translation of the main menu
  • Add language to the game
Here is a last picture for the end. I think it is useless to precise that I didn't survive...

- Odhexan (odhexan@outlook.com)

dimanche 6 octobre 2013

Developer Update #12 : Power Ups !

Hi everybody !

First of all,  I was very happy that a few videos have been made about the game on YouTube. Although there is no one in english, here is a video made in Slovak, and the other one in french :

(Here, it begins at 8 minutes and 10 seconds)

Power Ups !

For now, there are two :

These two power-ups will change Xid's size, and consqeuntly your speed. You'll have to find a compromise between go through little ways but move slowly. Of course, if you take, for example, two power-ups that make you bigger, the effect will be applyed twice !

Working on the first Power Up idea

Player now have a real texture (and not simply a circle full of black anymore)

Here is the texture of Xid now (may change but really close from the definitive texture) :
I made this texture according to clues that some levels bring you in the story. I didn't make it randomly !

Now, save your progression !

The game can manage 6 saves (but I can easily add more slots in the future). You won't have to do the game entirely to get back where you stoped. And now, this is essential : some levels are really hard...

Save your progression !

The game's update are not as often as before, for the simple reason that now I have a lot of things that I have to do before continuing the game. But you can be sure that I'm always thinking of it and I make my best for it !

I noticed that the game reached 9200 visits. Thanks for everything !
See you soon for new updates, and I hope discover new and original power-ups !

- Odhexan (odhexan@outlook.com)

lundi 16 septembre 2013

Developer Update #11 : Graphics get better with new details !

Hello everyone ! First of all, I remember that a new trailer video is out, with some screenshots about the underwater chapter. Here are they:


New picture from the Abyssal Chapter !  The Abyssal Sanctuary : A Divinity's Memory


New game-play feature on Sanctuaries !

You'll learn that you'll have to find some sanctuaries for reasons that are explained in the scenario. The aura of sanctuaries will give you some special power : you will have the ability the change the gravity's direction. That is the first change. You have to be very agile on some levels, to go through the circular saws. I don't hide that some levels are a little bit hard to finish... But I'm sure that it will delight a lots of player.

The 62th map, with the graphics details 

Saw are very present. They add a difficulty on the game, and you have to be very agile at some point of levels.

A second important point is: each time you die because of a saw for example, you lost all your orbs you took on the current levels, and they respawn. I'm not decided of the obligation to take all the orbs to go to the next level. For the moment, the game's lifetime is about 40-45 minutes, when you have to take all the orbs. If you “speedrun” the game, I'm sure it goes under 15 minutes. I make my possible to make the levels more and more original and pleasing to the eye. To reach this goal, I had some new details in levels graphics (as you can see on the 62th level above).

New demo !

Oh, don't forget to check the download section in the next hours, the new demo is now out ! 40 levels, and Xid as a ball ! When you did the 40 levels, you return to the first level. C key to respawn, and unfortunately no save feature for the moment. It's coming !

 - Odhexan (odhexan@outlook.com)