lundi 8 juillet 2013

Initial release

Hello everybody !

My name is Alex Daubois (you can also find me as Odhexan on Internet) and I am a french game maker. I practice C/C++ since 4 years. Today I present my second "real" game. My first was a game were you have to change your gravity to reach the end.

I present you my game named "The Story Of Xid". This is a platformer game. The particularity is that the levels are blacks in foreground and possess beautilful backgrounds with many colors !
The goal of the game is to discover the story of Xid. In fact, each level finished give you access to the next level. On each level there is a sentence who's telling you the story, why the world you go through is like that, etc.

I share a music I composed for the game too :

This is the first game I entirely made : programmation, music, and graphics.

Controls are simple : left and right arrows to move. That's all !
I hope you'll enjoy the game ! And here is a first download link of the first 15 levels : This is the french link ! To get the English version, take a look in the second article.

See you soon !

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