mercredi 10 juillet 2013

Release of the end of Chapter 2 : The Forest

Hi everybody !

Arriving release

I recently finished some levels, and I wanted to share at this occasion the end of Chapter 2 : The Forest.
At the end of this chapter, you will find some new mechanics landscapes. This is the begining of Chpater 3 : Technologic. You can find the MP3 soundtrack of Chapter 3 : Technologic on IndieDB, on tab "Videos".

I will make my possible to make saves. I'm sure you will get bored if you have to restart all the game at each update !

Chapter 2 : The Forest is going to be online on the next hour. It will add 7 levels : the last 5 levels of Chapter 2 : The Forest, and the two first of Chapter 3 : Technologic.

What am I currently working on ?

I'm working on the music of next chapter, before continue to create more levels.

More info ?

In Chapter 3 : Technologic, the time travel has been added.
At the end of the chapter, you will discover a turning point of the history (a information I think you won't guess before you reach this point).

The Story Of Xid : First 15 levels - Odhexan

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