mardi 30 juillet 2013

New infos, future changes on next release

Hi everybody !

After some days the third release is out, some changes are planned for the fourth release.

Xid's form will change

This is very important : Xid won't be a square, but will have a circle hitbox. That means he won't be all black in the future. This change clearly bring fluidity to the game. Some moves are going to be more intuitive. Moreover, it has given me a lot of idea for the next level, to be definitely more fun to play (and first levels may be subject to some changes).

Some levels are going to be reworked

Because Xid will have a circle shape, some levels need a lifting to be more precise on terrain collision for example. Moreover some levels like level 30 - the last level of the last release - are too hard as I thought (it's true that sometimes I spend a lot of time some levels, to much time...).

Because of all of this, next release won't contain new levels, be all this improvement. I hope to deliver it soon.

Thank you for the support you bring to the game. Last time, the game raised top 100 : it was 53rd !

- Odhexan

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