mardi 27 août 2013

Chapter 5 is nearly done

Hi everyone !

Levels will be bigger !

In this chapter, levels are going to be bigger than the others. That's why it's been a week since last update : levels are much longer to create because of their big size. For the smallest level, it's about 2 time bigger than the firsts levels. It lets more possibility of gameplay, and levels longer to be finished.

What's the limit of levels' size ?

The biggest levels that I could create have a resolution of 4096*4096 pixels. The limit is because of the hardware limitation. My graphic card can support a picture of a maximum of 4096*4096 pictures. It's not too old, it's a nVidia GT630M. And I would like to make the game works on most of the computers. And a picture of 4096*4096 is really huge ! I think I'll create a benchmark software that let you know if you can run the game or not (for this type of problem).

Screenshots from Chapter 5, Second Part : The Dreaming Caves

Chapter 5 - Cropped picture of levels 46 and 47 
Cropped picture from level 46 Chapter 5 - Cropped picture of levels 46 and 47 
Cropped picture from level 47

Levels are all big, contains big spaces to move ! And sometime you'll have to think a little more to take all the orbs !

What about Chapter 6 ?

I won't reveal where Chapter 6 takes place, but here is a clue : the levels' gravity will be a little bit different because of water. As I said :
The Story of Xid will – I hope – contains between 150 and 200 levels (for a good lifetime).— Odhexan (@odhexan) August 21, 2013
So the game will have few hours of gameplay with 150-200 levels. In general, people makes the first 30 levels in 20-25 minutes. I am currently thinking of the death of the player. Moreover, maybe you won't have to take all the orbs to go to the next level. But the one who takes all the orbs will unlock special content. It's a supposition, but I really like this idea. See you next time !

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