samedi 17 août 2013

News about Chapter 4 and 5

Hello everybody !

What about Chapter 4 ?

Chapter 4 is completely done ! The ten parts of this chapter are done. I remember you that a teaser about Chapter 4 is out : 


So the next chapter, the fifth, will be in two little parts. If I don't do this, Chapter 5 will be too short, and the two parts haven't too many atmosphere differences. This parts are named :
  1. Chapter 5, First Part : The Loophole
  2. Chapter 5, Second Part : The Dreaming Caves
Four levels are done for this chapter. It contains the biggest level I ever made :

Chapter 5, Second Part : The Dreaming Caves 
The biggest level 

I'm sure that I will make some other levels of this size, and maybe bigger ! I really hope that, because it's more fun to play ! And it makes more possibilities of gameplay. 

About Android version

I didn't worked on it last days, because I want to progress on computer version. But it won't be too difficult to adapt what I'm doing now. 

Chapter 5 Soundtrack

The soundtrack of Chapter 5 is out too, you can hear it here !

See you soon for more infos and news !

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