lundi 5 août 2013

The Story Of Xid might be released on Android system

Hello everybody !

Next version

First of all, next version will be released soon. Xid will be a circle shape in this version. If you have any comment about the new gameplay, don't hesitate to share it.
Some levels have been reworked, mostly on the graphic side. Some collision have been reworked too, to give a best impression because you're a ball.
Levels like the number 30 saw their orbs' place change. It changes a lots of thing, and make the levels easier when they were to hard.

Android Development


I "said" it on my last tweet. I'm testing the possibility to make the game on Android system. For the moment, there is nothing new compared to the computer version. Only 7 levels are implemented with physics. No release date is decide.
I hope before the end of August.

For both of platform.

I'll post new infos on my twitter, the small info who can't be on IndieDB or devblog.

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